Welcome to our customer photo gallery!

Kanzashi Customer’s Photo Gallery

We always love to hear from our customers and would love to see how you put your kanzashi, your kimono or dress, your hair style. Send us your pictures to kanzashi@hotmail.com or letter mail. We would love to post them for you. (5-6 images, your pictures with our products. Shichigosan, Wedding, Dance, Kimono Cos, Seijinshiki, Celebrations, Festival, etc…)

We MAYA respects the privacy of its customers and will never share, give away or sell your information. You can delete your pictures at any time by contacting MAYA.

We welcome your pictures!!


e-mail ==>> お写真添付くださいませ。当ページに掲載いたします!(プライバシー順守のため無記名での掲載です。

Letter Mail Address
3-118-2 Beppu, Kumagaya City,
Saitama, JAPAN 360-0856